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"Fight Back"
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21.06. 19:00 Song-Slam, Wolfsburg (Biergarten im Hallenbad) - Eintritt 10€




Sonja Lembke conveys the emotions of her songs using an e-piano and her dynamic voice. English lyrics deal with challenges, harmonious sounds create depth and melancholy. Influences like Birdy, Sia and Avril Lavigne shaped her style of writing and singing. In 2020, the singer-songwriter from Kiel, Germany released her first EP “Ways”. Two songs thereof had their radio debut in March 2021. “Ways” is a collection of ballads about themes connected to mental health and finding one’s way in life. “Fight Back” continues to process challenging life situations, as it explores feelings resulting from sexualised violence, aiming to raise awareness and spend comfort to those affected.

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